sometimes maybe

I think my moms dog is an alien. maybe her cat too. sent for my enjoyment and their karma. theres nothing like cheese, bread, & jam. makes me want to start a farm where I grow my own wheat, and a few goats, and flowers and fruit and herbs. So i can have pizz all the time. everyday for the rest of my life. cheese, bread & jam. which got me thinking. my own farm. my own wheat. cheese, bread, & jam. 1,2,3. and nomnomnom. zaaaaaaaaa. whatever happened to Dave. and those days in the desert, howling at the moon, banging on drums by the firelight. listening to the shadows tell the story of the night. and falling falling falling deeply in love. holding eachother – too afraid to let go. and the mushrooms and the red sky and the blue blue aqua blue water. jealousy and envy to turn a stomach green. take me back. i wanna go back. to cheerleading and dance. to school plays and young romance. what is this life? this one life given to us. who are we really? we die. we are born. we go on. for eons and lightyears and echoes upon echoes of lost mountains crumbled. here we are. with electricity at our command. delete buttons and a web of minds. but who are you? who are You? tell me who you are. i need you. what do you know of that lost world. hold me. kiss me. sing me to sleep. caress me with your tenderness. ambiance. nothing. the breath. darkness.




Heart monitor with cross

A heart rate monitor with a Christian cross symbol.



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  1. Edward E. Evans

    Giving up hope for Lent?

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