The power of words

I’ve used up all my allotted space on WordPress and can no longer post photos . This is a sad day; like that time the actual music died in LA; the indie radio station went off the air followed by a long beep and finally some static filled faint Mariachis. I cannot even begin to grasp the mysteries of life, but I’ll just continue searching my soul for answers and trying to be kind to myself and my family and everyone. We all need kindness. I tried to remember my first memory as a child and what came to mind was me hiding. Why was I hiding? There was a sense of fear, of being afraid? Who was I afraid of? I was a child, what could I possibly have done so terribly wrong that I was afraid ? I’ll continue digging. Until then I must be kind, I must dance, I must sing, I must do all the things that terrify me. 


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