It is the dawn of lent. Im not a religious person, but I find the practice of giving something up rewarding in many facets. I generally, like most people, give up some category of food; meat, sugar, bread, chocolate, alcohol, but this year, I’m giving up social media; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I am one of those completely normal human beings that finds the comparison game irrisistable. “You’re how old and have accomplished everything I dream of? (Insert fake gratitude attempts) Kill me.” Its vicious, and its only a game I play with myself. This year, with lent, I’m hoping to gain some perspective on my well-being. This morning I filmed my latest film, a story of love at the end of the world. Last night I read up on directing/acting to which Ben Affleck, quoting other famous actor/directors, says that you must give yourself the grace of getting coverage of yourself. However, easier said than done. It is hard to direct someone and then say, “hey, hang out for a second, we have to get my close ups, how do i look?” Im not good at doing that sort of thing in my actual life, let alone doing that sort of thing acting in my own film. Thus, I have one good take I can use with my dialogue. So, of course, I am forced to alter my story to make some sort of sense when I cut it. O! The joys of filmmaking! Of course I already think my work is crap pre-edit, so i decided to read up more on filmmakers hating their work to which I read David lynch suggesting fail on the stories you love, a good reminder that failure is not final, i think, but rather, a place to learn from. And yet, I’m “how old?” and still failing? Something isn’t right here. This is where my head turns 360 degrees and I projectile vomit on the priest.



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  1. Ed Evans

    To thine own self be true.

    Sent from my iPad. Have a great day unless you planned otherwise.


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