People are going to think what they want to think. I let them. You cant control perception, it’s a losing game, so I don’t play. I let them lose. Lose themselves in their own fantasies of what thye want me to be: a rebel, an angel, a romantic, a heartbreaker, a child, a man. Perhaps Im all of these things, perhaps im none. But what I am is for me to find out, not to be dictated to me. Its for me to know.That is my right; to make mistakes, to disappear. But most importantly not let comfort hold me back, not now, not ever. Because predictability is boring, and boredom is something to rebel against. 

Instinct stays silent and strong. It is why my instinct is my brother. This is why I trust it. We are the same instinct and i. Instinct is the strong and silent type.

Sergei polunin

Its makes me feel invincible. And if I didn’t feel like that I wouldn’t keep fighting to get back to where I belong. 



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