A rave fable

Violets imperial : part one cont.

Ipheginia’s Mercedes comes to a halt in front of an abandoned looking building. A la downtown LA. She stares ahead. A neon cross fixture at the top of the building. Side of building covered with graffiti names of women.
Ipheginia VO: There is a cross paininted on a factory wall, a large pink cross painted over a womans scrawled name. I look to it for comfort.
She turns the car off. Gets out.
Ipheginia: (sings) Adina…. Natacha….Who are these girls?
Ipheginia dances alone reaching for the names, for the answers.
Out of the alleyway an old homeless woman comes pushing cart of half cooked chicken pieces. VIOLETA IMPERIAL .
VI: Girls in newly sewn dresses. I see them. Not like you. I can see you’re different. That’s a nice dress. You buy it? I make dresses. Cheap. You want me to make you a dress? I can make it right now. I got needle and thread. See? What kind of dress do you want, girl? With ruffles? Cut on the seam? Come. I make it for you.
Ipheginia: No
VI: Why not? You don’t like Violeta? You don’t like Violeta Imperial? Have a piece of chicken. I got legs and wings. For running, and flying, girl.
Ipheginia: Im not hungry.
VI: The aircraft hangar is a bit furtheron. You’ll need your strength.
Ipheginia: How’d you know where I was headed?
VI: You’re all in shadow, girl. I can barely see you…Hey, areyoun’t you –?
Ipheginia: No
VI: Yes, you are. You’ve got the same face You’re the asshole’s daughter.
Ipheginia: My fathers not an ass—
VI: Take a good look. Take a look at Violeta Imperial.
VIOLETA IMPERIAL opens her jacket to reveal a map of scars on her body.
VI: This is your fathers doing.
Ipheginia: He wouldn’t
VI: his men took me into a room and cut me open with a blade. You hear screams? In the dry streets convulsing with electric signs? Those are the screams of the innocent, the tortured, the disappeared that find themselves in a potters field.
Ipheginia: you’re not in potters field.
VI: Some are left. Were reminders. A walking warning for others who might wish to speak up against anything, or simply live in peace.
Iphigenia: What did you do?
VI: nothing.
Iphigenia: What do you mean?
VI: I was taken into a cold room of a quiet house made of loose cinder blocks and cut open for nothing. For kissing a girl. “Pata” they called me. “We’ll give you pata” they said as they cut through my flesh. I pready to Eluggua, the god who opens all doors, and leads all ways. The god who stands at the crossroads with his conch shell eyes staring in the light. You pray to him, girl?
Ipheginia: To Eleggua?
VI: You should pray to him. I prayed.
            (she sings) Mi Dios, mi Salvador, mi Eleggua.
            Tell me what to do. Tell me what to do.
            I will.
(she speaks) And he said “close your eyes.” I fainted and let them cut me, as I dreamed about the girl I kissed, the sweet girl with brown eyes and a ruthless tongue who worked for the police, the sweet girl who betrayed me.
Ipheginia: I can have her reported, I can ask my father—
VI: she’s dead. I woke up in a field at the edge of the city with her body next to me. They had make a hole in her throat, and had pulled her tongue out through the hole. She was to be my reminder.
I don’t get much kissed now. Not with this body stitched up by an errant doctors hands.
Needle, thread and a splash of violet water. That’s what I got. Violeta Imperial, Royal Violet Water. Hence my name. You want a piece of chicken? I got legs and wings.
Ipheginia: If my father knew—
VI: We all love our fathers. It’s a daughters curse. But ask him what hes done. And what you do by carrying his name.
Ipheginia: I am not my fathers daughter.
VI: You’re going to be a bastard now?
Ipheginia: Those men that took you and—they will be punished. I will see to it. I will do whatever I can—
VI: What are you going to do, Iphigenia, with your midnight lipstick and designer sheen?
Ipheginia: I was kidnapped last year. I was taken from my bed, stuffed inside a sack, and tossed into a jeep. I remember my nose bleeding. There was the smell of honeysuckle in the air. I was taken out of the car and tossed onto a hard floor. I could feel the bruises forming themselves on my skin. I kept still in the darkness of the sack.
VI: In stillness lies virtue.
Ipheignia: You believe that?
VI: It’s a saying.
Ipheginia: there were voices in another room. Loud voices, and boots. I could hear a song on the radio
As she speaks we see the narration of her words from her POV, inside a sack.
VI begins to sing softly: All the young girls
                                    Die in my arms
                                    Die like wounded birds
                                    Strangled by the palms
Ipheginia: A torch song, the kind of song my mother sings alone in her room at night with the trace of vodka on her lips. The door to the room opened. A young man’s voice said “Wake up bitch” when I opened my eyes, I felt strong hands poking at me. I screamed. The young man said, “shhh, your fathers sending the money” and he pulled from deep inside his pants pocket some twin and tied my hands together, and he took a thin strip of cloth from inside another pocket and he gaged me.
VI singing softly: All the silent girls
                        Scream in the night
                        Letting their tongues fall
                        Upon the broken moonlight
Ipheginia: He pulled me into another room and flashed a camera in my eyes “this is for the papers” he said. “they’ll pay for a picture of you”
Across the street from VI and Ipheginia. Wall of tvs are on, all different channels., in an electronics store. Zoom on one screen.
TV ANCHOR: General Adolfo is trying to negotiate with the drug cartel to end its operation Project Zero which is making all the rich flee the country in fear that their sons and daughters will be taken away and held for ransom. There is no greater fear than the fear of losing prominent investors in what would be the largest growth of the multinational dollar in this countrys history, either that or having a loved ones ear sent in the mail. You hear that iphegnia?
Back to Iphegina and VI:
Ipheginia: what?
TV ANCHOR VO: Nobody misses you.
VI: I didn’t say nothing.
Ipheginia: A car pulled up. My fathers secretary was let in. He carried an envelope in his hands. It was stuffed with dollar bills. I was quickly untied. There were cuts on my arms and wrists from the twine, and piss down my legs. The young man took me by the arm and dragged me over to my fathers secretary, “don’t worry. Shes still a virgin.” The next day, my picture was in the papers—
We see the photos of her on all the covers of newspapers, gagged, tied up, bruised, starved.
Ipheginia: The photo the young man had taken of me sitting on the stool: tied gagged, and hungry. My father refused to recognize me. “The papers will print anything” he said, “ My daughter, my dear, sweet Ipheginia, never went through this” I looked at my father with the memory of the young man’s hands on me. “Father wont you hold me?”
VI: They might as well have killed you up there in the country.
Ipheginia: What?
VI: You cant do anything. Youre at the mercy of your father. Like me. Like a piece of chicken. Want a taste?
Ipheginia: here, and into the trash with you, remnant of the mutant underclass.
Ipheginia digs into her chanel purse pulls out dollar bills, throws it at VI and begins to walk away. VI follows her as she walks.
VI: Im only speaking the truth.
Ipheginia: Which truth is that? To think I almost believed you when you said all that about being cut up by my father’s men…
VI: Ive seen the scars…
Iphigenia: Put there by someone else.
VI: What are you saying–?
Iphigenia: Im at no one’s mercy, least of all my father.
VI: You’re blind Iphigenia.
Iphigenia: Id rather be blind than a walking corpse.
VI: you’re your fathers daughter, after all.
Ipheginia: Shut up.
VI: Cruelty is in your blood. Thanks to you this city will be smashed, and every soul will be uprooted from their homes.
Iphigenia: I gave you money. I don’t want to hear anything else. I hear things all the time: voices, screams..I sit in my garden and cover my ears while my brother cries, because he needs his fix, he needs his coca to keep him alive. Hes not even a year old and hes already a junkie. Look at my tits. Go on touch.
VI: Don’t
Ipheginia: I want you to. I want your hands on me. Squeeze them. Go on. Feel my tits
VI: You mock me.
Iphigenia: I mock myself. I breast feed my own brother..Keep your hadns.
VI: No
Ipheginia: I disgust you?
VO: There is no place for tenderness in my life.
Ipheginia: I don’t know what tenderness is. I look for it. All the time. I close my eyes and pretend it exits. And then I think of those men, of how I was taken, of how my father…
VI: Iphigenia, where are you going?
Ipheginia: To the northernmost edge.
VI: Its better for young girls not to be seen. Come, Ipheginia.
Ipheginia: take the money, Violeta. Devastate yourself for the promise of a blessed touch from this god-less girl..
VI: The chicken is good, Ipheginia. Eat.
Ipheginia: Do not follow me.
VIOLETA IMPERIAL picks up her money and recedes into the shadows and Iphigenia burns in the acid glow of the evening.
Iphigenia VO : The aircraft hangar is minutes away. I can see it from here, from the dust and gravel road that ruins the soles of my Gucci shoes. I can hear the unrelenting pulse of music made to un-still the heart.
Achilles VO: (Singing) And all the pretty girls
                                    Dance in the deluge.
                                    All the pretty girls…
Ipheginia: ahhhh… the crimson lights and purple strobe will soothe me, will make this birthday more than just a creeping, convulsive treachery played on me by the gods unwilling to grant me peace.
Another neon cross, another name on the wall..
Ipheginia: Another cross, another name…I am bathed in the most heavenly…(she sings) Yvonne….



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