whispers outside my window. Two men sounding like a radio in the night. dog barks echo in the distance. The cicadas keep a constant buzzz in the air, cicadas nesting all around till they crawl their way out of the ground. a 7 year hiatus, gimme a break, thats a fable. I need a ciggarette. I need a vacation. laying down listening to the sounds of the night i soak up the summer cool air. my high keeping me thinking and relaxed, ahhhhhhh. Sometimes this world is too much. Too much work and hassle and yelling and beeping and money and traffic and blah blah blah blah, too much. its hard to find the good sometimes. I remind myself to be grateful, but am i happy? thats the question. where am i happy? where do i belong? maybe its somewhere ive never been before. the constant tugg and pull from the world. begging me to come out and play. Chicago is too much. This city kicks my ass, its too rough, too bulsterous, too windy and cold, and yet there is something special here. Something i guess you cant get anywhere else. something uniquely gorgeous. and so this is home. sweet home chicago. givin me the blues. this is it 



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