Reality check 

as if! Things are full swing back in Chicago. Back at shakespeare and scene study in the usual places. Singing, rock climbing, yoga, a good job. Everything is good. But I know this impossible endeavor I’ve attempted will take much longer than I thought, keeping me here, in my hometown for longer than I hoped. I had fantastical dreams, but I suppose I can slow down and really enjoy the scenery a while. I miss New York. I never thought I’d say those words, I thought truly I was an LA lady at heart, but New York has captured my soul. I had hoped to do some traveling in the fall but maybe a winter holiday could suffice? Yes I do believe so. I’m amazed at my new found serenity. I can only hope this will last, there’s an ease to life at the present moment. I am more accepting to the reality of things instead of .. I don’t know.. Forcing or grasping at things .. Letting go I guess. In other news I almost hit a motorcyclist trying to make a U turn in the right lane. Idiot! I have a new found loathing and sense of dread for motorcyclists and yet I still want to learn how to ride one. Go figure.  


I’m Here



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