god dammit! Fuck fuck fuck! I’m a moron. A simpleton. I’m “too hard on myself”. I NEED A CHILL PILL. Nothing is right. All day I moan and groan and try to suck up enough confidence to feel good about myself for a second. My mind is reeling. I’m a head trip. A nut job. A real piece of work. I’m a snowflake. I’m unique. JUST LIKE  EVERYONE ELSE. I’m so fucking neurotic and self centered I can’t see straight. I can’t kill myself. But I can “live like I’m dead already”. FUCK YOU JEFFBRIDGES. Go fuck yourself stars. Go to hell fortune. Don’t cry. Just breathe. Everything will be ok. You know I live my life by a series of quotes. “It always seems impossible until it’s done” FUCK OFF Nelson Mandela ! I’ve lost it. I’m gone. Sarah has left the building.  










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