Can I rewrite history? Can I pretend all the bad shit didn’t happen? I want the happy ending but can I tell that story without the obligatory suffering that comes before it? I guess that’s only the stuff of fiction. That’s a dream world that never existed but in my mind. 

Once upon a time… She was always happy and she got everything she wanted and her life was sequins & smiles. The end. 

No, the truth, rough hewed as it is, is much better. Honesty is the best policy. 

Once upon a time…

When she was very young her older siblings took advantage of her naivete and changed all of their lives forever. It was the 90s. The era when grunge and drugs were in vogue, I suppose. Drug abuse, sex, incest, suicide. The littlest of the kids, she was sent abroad, to be forgotten for a time. She was surrounded by everything foreign, all the way in the Middle East. While she struggled to understand the family secrets and growing up and death her worldview was being twisted and torn into new shapes unimaginable. Death seemed prevelant. 


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