why do we need editorials? we need editorials like we need air. its simply a way of expressing ourselves and sharing what little bit of insight we have of the world with the people we share it with. its storytelling plain and simple and that is what will continue to keep us going. thoughts of the past, present and future. why do you read editorials?  why do i read novels translated from french written during the later part of the last century? because im curious. Do you like to answer questions? yes i do. it helps me sort my thoughts. Do you ask yourself the right questions? ha. probably not. but thats life. you can literally put “but thats life” after everything and IT MAKES SENSE! because life is hard and filled with learning. and im beginning to learn that you need to be a genius to survive in this world, and most days i feel bored. What is your current state of mind? i think im happy. bored comes to mind as well. lazy. complacent. jeez. i went from a 10 to a 6 in 8 words. ARe you happy and what does happiness mean to you? yes im happy. happiness means that im progressing in one or more areas of my life. slow progress is still progress. and when i look at the things im doing, they are the things that make me happy. and my unhappiness stems from the things i could be doing but instead im not doing for no apparent reason. why is that? Is it more difficult to start something or to finish it?  FINISH. i have brilliant ideas all day, but when it comes to sticking it out till the end, thats the difficult part right? because every good idea has road blocks. and some have barely none and yet i still cant finish those. I have 1 really important project i want to get done, but i lack the motivation to finish it. and i think about it daily and i still dont make the progress i want to. i also have two other side projects which are slowly getting accomplished, but ssslllllooooowwwwwwlllyyyyy. GET ER DONE GURL! Why do you do what you do? I do what i do because it satisfies my soul. Why is what you do worth doing? I like to think of myself as a storyteller, and i like to think that stories are what keeps humanity going. we hear our own struggles in others, and we have our own joys in others, its a way to remember and connect and feel apart of something. if what im doing isnt worth doing than to hell with the world. id rather do what i love than run with the crowd. sometimes what i do doesn’t seem like much of an impact, but its a means to an end. and in the end, i hope ill have changed the way one person thinks. i suppose everyone does that regardless, so what the hell am i doing trying to retell stories. i dont know. i dont know. “but thats life.” ZING! Why does everything we do need a reason?  Raison d’etre. maybe becuse everything we do has a reason, sometimes we just dont know what that reason is. If you could do it all over again, what would you change? Id have been less naive. is that an option? ha. id have been less angry at my brother, id have asked for help earlier…but i mean, this question is silly because i cant change these things. What is your greatest regret? My greatest regret is quitting when the going got tough. My agent asked me to lose more weight, when i was already very tiny, and i quit. And i regret that moment very much. The things i wish i could regret were beyond my control and i cant regret those things. but i regret not having a better relationship wiht my brother and sister. it seemed impossible when they were alive, but now that theyre dead it seems that may be my biggest regret. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? I like to think i haven’t achieved it yet. But as of today, its probably my volunteering i do with a group of inner city kids in an after school art program. Im pretty good at it and so are they, and its wonderful to get to know them. Whats more important: creativity or success? Creativity. If i werent constantly striving to be successful but more concerned with being creative, id be far better off. And noted. How much success do you need? I think enough to keep you going right? To get you to that next level. Personally, i need alot of success because i want to save the world and look good doing it. How much creativity do you need? Endless, copious amounts. Is risk part of your creativity? I think earlier on it was , and thats something ive definately gotten away from in many aspects of my life. I want to be riskier in general, because that gets things moving and rolling and shaking. Can you learn creativity? I definately think so. I think lots of things are very creative, but you need to learn how to do them first in order to do them. But thats all apart of the creative process. Its all a process. What does success taste like? Hmmmm…the sweet smell of success…i close my eyes and i see the ocean, off the coast of france. my dreams have come true and im able to afford a family and to give them an education and clothes and good surroundings, im able to give back to my community on a larger scale and still have a good laugh with my friends and get creative with my co-artists that might just impact the world. Do you think success is a journey or a destination? oh id say its a journey, because no destination is final until your dead. Do you resist following your instincts? I try not to. There was a period in my life where my instincts werent serving me so well though, so i had to fight against my instincts. i suppose i was coping in the wrong ways. but ive learned and now id like to get back to following my instincts more truely, its just a little scarier now. its all about jumping, and not knowing if you’ll fly. Are you inspirational or irrational? i hope im inspirational. Where does your inspiration come from? Mostly other artists: Frida Khalo, Jack White, Oscar speeches, theatre, music, art. conversation. What is your greatest extravagance? HA, well, i cant say ive spent alot of money on any one thing just yet. but id say my greatest extravagance was going to Paris with a man i barely knew, simply to go to Paris. And then i did it again. and it was wonderful both times. Which temptation can you never resist? dessert. From which mistakes did you learn the most? I feel like i make so many mistakes, and i make them again and again until one day i dont make them anymore. I suppose the biggest mistake i made was going a second time to paris with a man i didnt love, and that is sadly when i learned, money cant buy love. i feel like ive answered this question poorly and that worries me. maybe this is the reason i suck at life. because i cant point out my mistakes so i cant learn from them, i just continue to burn burn burn. And why are we so afraid of making mistakes?  making mistakes means failing. but i supoose, to stay positive here, you cant ever learn if you dont fail. oof. Whats worse; failing or never trying? Never trying. Do you turn constraints into an opportunity? I think thats the essence of survival. Working with what you have. And in that respect, thats how i feel the most creative. Which person do you compare yourself to the most?  A rising young pop star, its awful and i hate it. Do you always use the same words when you congratulate someone? “congratulations” “thast so awesome” “im so happy for you” yea…probably Should you always be sincere? God no, what fun would that be? thered be no sarcasm in the world! god forbid! Which words or phrases do you overuse? “I dont know”, ” I should” …my therapist pointed that out. ..also “excellent” but i love that word. Which words smell? brown, fart, poo, weed, ugly, fat, booze, death, rotting, mildew. Are you only as good as your last collection? no. there is so much more to a human being that makes them who they are. Is tommorow more important than yesterday? yes its a new start.

q&a with Suzanne Koller 



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