its the craziest thing

i feel so confused in my skin all of the time. i do one thing and think another. im in love with about five guys. more like three. and i just want to be frozen in time right now. i can hear the whir of the cars on the highway. why are they driving so fast. its the thurd of july. and ive heard more alarms go off today than ever before. i took a class in college once called signs. it was a theoretical science class. it was pre-t interesting. streams and home fireworks are going off everywhere. im so horny. my boyfriend is out. so instead i wait patiently till he gets home. ive got a serious case of the muchies. yummm. i wanna take a walk. but walking alone at night is not as fun.

June-1.44 June-1.42 Bambi-Northwood-Vogue-Netherlands-July-2013.4 Unnamed copy wpid-Photo-23062013-718-PM Bambi-Northwood-Vogue-Netherlands-July-2013.8 flare-oct-11-3 celinecampaign12 MichaelDonovan-1653 Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 10.55.31 AM Madame-Air-France-June-July-2013-Farah.4 MichaelDonovan-1444 20130622-220739 20130623-214434 Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 10.12.01 AM tumblr_m5n5o5Z5md1qbvik6o1_5001 wpid-Photo-22062013-952-PM1 daphne groenveld Madame-Air-France-June-July-2013.6 Madame-Air-France-June-July-2013.2 5 almost_famous_image26 20130621-213738happy fourth of july yall



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