broken down houses

Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to be rich?

To live in a castle, with the man you love To have a maid. to have multiple maids. wash your clothes and mend your broken things. make your breakfast, and then take it away. to wear a uniform in your home. to have land. to have a large pool with a lot of land beyond. beyond beyond beyond forever! a forest of beyondess. a secret garden. and a horse stable. a long winding driveway. covered with raspberry bushes. where the kids like to walk along the dusty road and pick berries till their tummies are full and their hands and lips are stained red with berry juice. and later they can curl up under a tree and pick flowers to twine together for flower wreaths while they tell each other stories of fantasies they’ve known forever. 


who is mike? 


mike is mr. x. mr x was always so elusive. like poison. because thats what his line of business was. selling poison to those who wanted, needed to consume a poison to cover and hide the blemishes of pain forced upon them in their childhood. to mask the thousands of taboos innocently committed. without knowing of the sin they would cause. a sin, to tarnish the soul forever. a sin, that holy water can’t cleanse. that thousand prayers a thousand nights could not save. 


a groan outside the window. is someone there? will they break the glass and lunge inside the window and rape and murder me? but alas, a car door slams and the noises of the night cease to strike me with fear. the humm of a car as it moseys down the empty shaded night street. the moon is only half filled in the sky. 



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  1. Intoxicating words. Stunning beauty.

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