Films! That’s all I really want!

So I’m posting all my experimental films I’ve made to date starting with the first. All except 1 are non- linear films I’ve just sort of made using my mood. Freddie loves milo was a film I wrote & directed based on a loose interpretation of actual event in my life. The clock has real deep meaning about time and the future and the past so I’ll let you ponder that.
1. Memorial Day Y’all
This was my first foray into filmmaking and really a documentary. The summer I worked at Bar Deville and these wonderful people forever changed me! Yay! Cries. Smiles.

2.Cauchemar de Paris (Nightmare in Paris)
I actually filmed this prior to my first film but edited after so it was released to the public as my second experimental film. I actually went to Paris and actually filmed a lot of everything I did! Virtual high five self! I tried to make this film dark and the end is a play on death but I think I’m the only one who gets that.

3.Never Young Again
So I bought my wonderful little Kodak camera because it was an underwater camera and ever since baz luhrman,s Romeo& Juliet many underwater sequences I’ve found myself wanting to do that too! So it was finally summer and hot and the hurricane hit new York ( not sandy the one before sandy) and people were still getting take out and I really wanted to go to the shed aquarium. And this came from all that.

I started dating this guy, who is now my bf for all intensive purposes, and he took me to San Francisco. And I took him to a rave that my friend Deathxface aka Johnny love was throwing. And I filmed it all again!

5.When Freddie Met Milo
Whew! This was a whirlwind! I wrote the story and met my dp and lighting while I was working as a stand in for an FX pilot Powers (never made it to air). So we filmed this in 2 days in Chicago and edited it in 1. It then took another 6 months for my dp to send me the file. Ugh. Oh glorious filmmaking!

6.The Country
This one is fairly simple. I went to the country to visit my grandma and decided to film everything. Plus I was listening to a lot of grimes and everything seemed to be moving in slomo

That’s all of them so far. I’ve got footage from last summer to edit but my editing program cough media impressions cough mixed with an ever aging computer has created a few limits. But I’ve decided to work within those limits as a sort of personal challenge. Moving forward I’ll still create experimental films, I’ve got two planned to shoot, but I want to tell my stories. Which is a lot more time consuming and detail oriented but worth it!


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