Cookies n creame

Today I was offered a job, my first “real” job. As an actor my life consists of auditions randomly from day to day and the best job I’ve found until today has been waitressing. Flexible hours, yada yada. But today, I was offered a freelance copywriter position. It’s still a “trial” period, but I felt Good! This position is writing for a luxury consignment boutique. It leaves me the freedom to pursue my dreams acting but gives me a sense of something solid sturdy reliable good. I really like this company and it includes my other passions: fashion, film & writing. Plus the idea of a little more consistent extra money is nice. I’m excited, this has been another dream of mine, to work as a freelance writer in fashion magazines, and somehow this feels like the next step toward achieving that. Ugh. Breathe. Sigh. And I can still pursue my #1 passion, acting. Which leads me to thinking how amazing the power of acting has on me, and everybody. When I think about not doing it [the auditioning, the rehearsing, the incredible hard work & commitment it takes to become someone else and bare My soul] I get super bummed out. Maybe that it’s such a challenging career is what keeps me in it. But if it were easy I’d be running that shit too! Deep breath. With less time somehow creates more opportunity bc I begin to spend every last second rediscovering all the things I want,need,should do. Like, finish editing a short film from this past summer. And begin to write a zillion stories ive come up with to later film them into shorts. Sigh. Im also feeling very nostalgic for LA today.











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