Vent to Kill

Today started out much like any other, i called off work adn faked being sick. joking! i actually was sick, so i called off work, then i got into my sweats did some pilates, and continued working on my audition. A commercial for Amana appliances, “theyre not just the quality innovative brand that i remember.” i repeated my paragraph over and over, giving each person, each word value and memories to go along with them. Then what happens? I show up to the audition and forget the whole fucking thing! I HATE AUDITIONS! and I hate my hair! So whats the point of rehearsing the night before if im just going to fuck it up anyways? So my agent teaches me how to read from a prompt so that the camera cant tell im reading. yay! whatever. i sucked! i just lost all confidence in myself, bc i fucking suck and i hate my life and i hate my hair and i want a better life. ugh.



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