lately ive been perusing fashion blogs. okay. im OBSESSED! healthy obsession though. like green tea. I have to say, i do believe ive had the fashion gene in me as a child as i use to wear all my clothes at once, and would not take no for an answer! my sister referred to me as  “ragdoll” or “bum” or something of that nature. street fashion in the making. although she should have been calling me pirate since i use to sneak into her room and steel her clothes. she always knew, and always kindly(well pulling my hair sometimes seemed to be her version of kind) reminded me that i just needed to ask. to this day her style influences me.

  heres what ive pulled. but they are teeny -tiny unfortunately.

Just below are from Vogue Paris..i lurv the french cowboy digs.

grar. fashion is very much an instinct. sniffing your way to the top of the food chain i say.

  Generally i thrift my clothes from salvation army (my secret location) and various vintage stores around the world. It tooke me nearly a year to find the perfect fur coat, i was weary of buying a real one, and it needed to be just the right amount of fluff. Finally my search came to an end in Paris at Fripes Star1, but oh i will be back for more. Another favorite is Butterfly in Miami, they have an amazing selection! The owner tells me they are opening a location in Austin! YAY!  Of course im left in whirlwind after fashion week each season. Admiring the clothes I cannot yet afford. I certainly dream that one day a fashion designer will bump into me, spill his coffee all over my thrifted tee and insist he let him give me something to wear to make up for the destroyed vintage, but upon putting the lovely little garment on, rubbing his tired eyes (he spilled his coffee) he opens his eyes to discover that i MUST be his muse. until then…


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