Flamin up good

Beware ; a woman lurks in there.


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wordpress what fun

hoo haa were off to see the fairy today. yay!

birds chirp chirp chirping and tweeting and singing

in the middle of the night with the window wide


but still they sing to me

summer is stirring

vrooooom vroooooom vrooooming

only last summer did he lose his head



and her body lay face down too

his head facing west, his body shred

july fourth

fireworks and joy

he wrote a song

that she sings

while the birds keep chirping

and the vroom vroom vrooming

goodnight light goodnight




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sometimes maybe

I think my moms dog is an alien. maybe her cat too. sent for my enjoyment and their karma. theres nothing like cheese, bread, & jam. makes me want to start a farm where I grow my own wheat, and a few goats, and flowers and fruit and herbs. So i can have pizz all the time. everyday for the rest of my life. cheese, bread & jam. which got me thinking. my own farm. my own wheat. cheese, bread, & jam. 1,2,3. and nomnomnom. zaaaaaaaaa. whatever happened to Dave. and those days in the desert, howling at the moon, banging on drums by the firelight. listening to the shadows tell the story of the night. and falling falling falling deeply in love. holding eachother – too afraid to let go. and the mushrooms and the red sky and the blue blue aqua blue water. jealousy and envy to turn a stomach green. take me back. i wanna go back. to cheerleading and dance. to school plays and young romance. what is this life? this one life given to us. who are we really? we die. we are born. we go on. for eons and lightyears and echoes upon echoes of lost mountains crumbled. here we are. with electricity at our command. delete buttons and a web of minds. but who are you? who are You? tell me who you are. i need you. what do you know of that lost world. hold me. kiss me. sing me to sleep. caress me with your tenderness. ambiance. nothing. the breath. darkness.




Heart monitor with cross

A heart rate monitor with a Christian cross symbol.


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Virgin hustler 

Dribble fashion Drabble https://virginhustler.wordpress.com

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I was cruising. The sun on my face, the wind in my hair – and then BAM! I hit a glass wall out of fucking nowhere! Why? How? Life you are so weird! But, respect. Life has demanded I sit in the stillness and get real. Look for the soul; go deeper & richer, in everyone, in everything and in myself. I can’t articulate how strange that came upon me and I know these weird happenstances are directing our lives to exactly what they need. I feel so utterly behind in everything; literature , pop culture, the truth. But I keep reading&watching&listening. 

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A smile can change the world! Believe it! It’s true! Be kind to yourself & be kind to everyone. Smile at strangers and watch their face brighten up as they walk by. And that simple small little thing can change the world. 

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The power of words

I’ve used up all my allotted space on WordPress and can no longer post photos . This is a sad day; like that time the actual music died in LA; the indie radio station went off the air followed by a long beep and finally some static filled faint Mariachis. I cannot even begin to grasp the mysteries of life, but I’ll just continue searching my soul for answers and trying to be kind to myself and my family and everyone. We all need kindness. I tried to remember my first memory as a child and what came to mind was me hiding. Why was I hiding? There was a sense of fear, of being afraid? Who was I afraid of? I was a child, what could I possibly have done so terribly wrong that I was afraid ? I’ll continue digging. Until then I must be kind, I must dance, I must sing, I must do all the things that terrify me. 

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