A rave fable

Part One:
Iphigenia’s flight
The view of the ocean on the coast, white sands, beautiful skies, beautiful clear waters and beach.
The mansion, white, tall ceilings, large open rooms at first empty and silent and tranquil
DJ VO: The next, the next sound that you hear…the next sound you hear will be….
and gradually a buzz with a maid, and more maids and chefs and caterers as the house becomes alive

TV turns on. NEWS ANCHOR ( a la Jon Stewart) sits behind desk, he is “on the air”.

TV ANCHOR: It is estimated that one thousand one hundred and ten people have dis dis disappeared today in this land of guerrilleros and other corporate revolutionaries. General Adolfo will not confirm the disappearances, but will say that all citizens must vote for him in this weeks elections, which already threaten his current standing in office, as the opposition is starting to gain ground. The general will need a miracle to stay in office.
The garden. Luscious. Vast.
Iphigenia in a white Chanel dress. A party in full effect around her. A large cake, and many presents, a champagn waterfall. Young women and men of society and their parents of political society mingle and laugh. Children play batting at a piñata. 
TV ANCHOR VO: But if some great personal tragedy were to befall him, it is possible the country would embrace him again. No one can resist the tug of the human heart. One senseless death, of a rich girl, and we will be united in grief, sorrow, and peace. Do you hear me Iphigenia?
Iphigenia wanders away from the party into the maze of the garden where she lays down in a wild field of flowers

IPHIGENIA VO: Iphigenia was born centuries upon centuries ago. I have watched her grow up, only to see her die over and over, story upon story. I have lived inside her skin which has been reaaranged so that she will always remain a young girl with delicate wrists and tender breasts. And I have kept silent. I have done my fathers doing; I have honored my mothers way. I have let myself be adored by the faraway gaze of a crowd who wants to get a look at the girl, a good look at the girl, whom fortune has blessed. And now on this day of saints, all I want is to be free of Iphigenia, to be free of her certain fate.

Camila, Iphigenia’s mother (a la Jessica Lange) is seen looking for her daughter.
POV of the Security Camera as we see her wonder through the garden.
Camila: Iphigenia! Iphigenia! Where are you, daughter?
At the sound of her mothers voice, Iphigenia is woken from her day dream.
TV ANCHOR VO: In the city today, Iphigenia, the generals daughter, had a birthday. It was a private affair. Sources will not say what she was given, but it is estimated that there were a lot of presents, many of them from Cartier.
Iphigenia rejoins the party, where her father, General Adolfo is standing waiting to hand her a gift. She opens the box and her father lifts the necklace out to fasten around her neck. Camera lights go off as General Adolfo, Camila, and Iphigenia pose.  
TV ANCHOR: Some say this will be Iphigenia’s last birthday, although this could not be confirmed. Nothing can be confirmed these days. But one thing is certain: it will only be a matter of time before death will find our beloved girl. Its all a matter of time down here, in the “ass of the continent”, called such by great military and diplomatic entities who have never lost the fever of their ambition, before death finds us all. Do you hear me Iphigenia? Do you hear me?
Kids run and play batting at a piñata. the piñata is broke open to everyones horror and disgust, dead blackbirds fall to the ground. Immediately people grab their children and begin to leave. Security guards activate and immediately begin surveiling the grounds for signs of intruders. Chaos insues. Iphigenia takes it all in and immediately runs away.
Camila: Iphigenia! Iphigenia! Where are you going?
Iphigenia is in her car and driving fast.
Iphigenia: Im going to the northernmost point of the city. Im going to shake loose the bad luck piñata that has rained down on my head black birds and black wings. Im going to dance in the safe of an aircraft hangar that’s been turned into a ballroom.
She blasts the radio: we hear Achilles singing:
Achilles: war is over, the gods are over, everything, everything is over..

Iphigenia: And im going to let my body reign over the ragged people with their pale gleam. (over the music) Im going to ooooh and aaaahhh. Im going to let my body be. And stop, stop being the generals daughter who lives in a walled up garden by the light of the police.

Camila is seen stumbling, half asleep, erratic , on pills and vodka. Security surrounding her as they try to calm her.
Camila: Iphigenia! Iphigenia! Where are you, daughter?
Iphigenia continues to drive in darkness.

Iphigenia VO: Iphigenia is spun out onto a dark street. Fragments of words fall upon her as she tries to forget who she is…..

Iphigenia: Dear Gods, let me be anyone but Iphigenia. Erase my memory, escape my death. Only let me spin, oh gods, let me spin, for what I seek is an angel’s rest.
POV Security camera on heavily narcotized Camila
Camila: Iphigenia…
Iphigenia VO: Iphigenia sends herself into a phantasmagoric orbit: a wasteland of factories and blood-red tracks. She is nearing the northernmost edge of the continent.
Camila disappears from the surveillance camera and the red eye remains blinking on the green security screen.  

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A rave fable

Curtains up. 

Downtown.  The Electric Room. The club is packed, dancing, drugs, disco, raving, sex

DJ (a la mark Ronson) Listen up, children, or you will lose your way in this neo-psychedelic maze.There are rules here, you see. Even in this grand party of electro-tragic proportionsWe have to submit to authority. Are you willing to submit yourself to me?Say you will, say you will, lovers and freaks,Cause if you don’t, you’ll never please me, and I like to be pleased;Don’t we all like pleasure in this regulated state of supreme ecstasy?Okay, okay, sluts, so this is what you do, this is what I need:If you want to find your way out, theres the way you came in, and the way opposite,If you got a call waiting, a beep beep on your beep beep mobileRinging the latest tone from the acid police,Shut that phone off, and shut it good. Vibrate in the boudoir of your dreams.And if you like me, if you really, really give your head up for this baby border tragedy then come back, swing on by, tell your friends that the rave keeps spinning…A little pseudo amyl nitrate and we’re ripped fine to the bone In this plastic synthetic hard-core fantasy we call a new century.Hey hey, sluts, at the end of a crap-ass day theres nothing sweeter than the feel of my virtual tongue on your scared knees.


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A rave fable

Ipheginia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell that was Once Her Heart (A rave fable) by Caridad Svich 

Iphigenia in Aulis” plays throughout. 

We see a television screen turn on. It is on mute. 
IPHEGINIA in a pink Chanel outfit sits next to ADOLPHO in a military coat. CAMILA sits posed for a press photo.

ADOLPHO VO: There was a young woman who lived in a small house by the sea. And the man who loved her.

On the tv screen:
Adolpho kisses Ipheginia on the lips hard and joyful, almost proud to show her off. Slowly Iphigenia’s outfit begins to peel off her body as her body begins to burn in flames. Adolpho continues sitting, Camila next to him as they smile and pose for photos.
ADOLPHO VO: He loved her so much that he would do anything for her.
Adolpho kisses Iphigina on the lips again.

ADOLPHO VO: This man was her father. He was a general. HE had lived with fame at his side all his life. He envied others. HE even envied his daughter from time to time.
Images of A GLASS-EYED MAN on newspapers/magazines, TIMES, Rolling Stone, Wall St Journal, VOGUE, People flash on the television.

Image of Adolpho and Igheginia in flames.

ADOLPHO VO: The father could tell his daughter was not happy living in the small house, which held her day and night. He could see that the low ceiling hurt her head, and her feet couldn’t move without touching the edge of the front door. He liked looking at her. He liked having her in the house for safe keeping.

ORESTES VO: Baby’s cries.
ADOLPHO VO: But he would catch her looking out. Out the window of the small house, and the garden, out toward the sea.

Ipheginia on the tv looks out dazed past the audience and cameras. The Glass eyed man has joined them on the tv set as he, Adolpho, Camila shake hands & smile proud.
ADOLPHO VO: “Dear, sweet Iphigenia,” the father would think.

The New York Times with the headline “HOW MUCH FOR HER FLESH?” flashes across the screen with more magazines with Ipheginia on the cover: Vogue, W, Bazaar, TIMES, Rolling Stonesz
The TV zooms in on the face of The Glass Eyed Man, his eyes fill the screen.

ADOLPHO VO: The young woman suffered from vanity. But she never told her father.
Photos of Iphigenia throughout the years; as a child at the beach, on a bike, birthdays, proms, magazine covers flash in The Glass Eyed Man’s eyes.

ADOLPHO VO: Iphigenia never told her father anything, despite his love for her. And her father thought nothing, nothing at all.

More cameras flash as Ipheginia, Adolpho, The Glass Eyed Man and Camila all pose for more photos, frozen smiles on their faces.  



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I want love 

I want love to: roll me over slowly,

Stick a knife inside me, and twist it all around.

I want love to: grab my fingers gently,

Slam them in a doorway, Put my face into the ground.

I want love to: murder my own mother,

Take her off to somewhere, like hell, or up above.

And I want love to: change my friends to enemies,

Change my friends to enemies, and show me how it’s all my fault.

I want love to: walk right up and bite me,
Grab a hold of me and fight me, leave me dying on the ground.

I want love to: split my mouth wide open,

And cover up my ears and never let me hear a sound

I want love to: forget that you offended me,

Or how you have defended me when everybody tore me down

Yeah and I want love to: change my friends to enemies,

Change my friends to enemies, and show me how it’s all my fault.








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I had hoped for more depth, for a chance to have a conversation on the topic, a real exploration. I suppose there’s a place for everything, including campy comedy. Great expectations are a buzzkill. I’m not sure I can see the bigger picture. But I know I don’t know, and there is value, perhaps lost in translation, but value nonetheless. 


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Werkin on my fitness

How to lose weight in 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks…with5 easy rules to adhere to.
1. Balanced diet of 1200 calories ; fruits/vegetables/protein

2. No sugar: cookies/cakes/white breads/ice cream/soda

3. Drink WATER/tea/coffee 

4. Excercise daily

Running,cycling, dancing, yoga, Pilates, ballet, rock climbing, hiking,long walks

5. No eating late night after 8. Fasting. 

Smile.laugh.have fun. Stress can cause weight gain. Breathe easy.



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Reflections of me

To the girl I was.. you’re a beautiful girl and smart and don’t party too much and don’t drink too much and get a lot of sleep and have fun. But be good. Be smart. Be intelligent. Make art. Make films. Write. Publish what you write. Don’t eat too much icecream, eat healthy and drink water and exercise. Drive slow. Travel as much as you can. Save your money. .volunteer. work with kids. Work with homeless. Help your city. Help your world. Make friends. Go get coffee. Get lunch. Get dinner. Sleep. Read. Read plays. Read Chekov. Read Shakespeare. Read novels. Play music. Sing. Dance. Go to the theatre. Go to the ballet. Go to the symphony. Go to Broadway. Go to movies. Be silly. Laugh. Laugh a lot. Spend time with friends. Drink water. Sleep. Go to the museums. Go dancing. Forgive. Meditate. Smile all damn day. You’re young, youre beautiful and you’re smart, enjoy life. Be kind.    

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